My Favorite Artsy Books You Need in Your Collection

 Do you have books that you just love to look at? They've got pretty covers, photos, or even text that just makes you swoon? Well, I've got three that you absolutely need to check out. These are my favorite books to look through just because of how gorgeous they really are!

 First up is Letters to My Daughters by Barbra Rainey. This will be an heirloom piece for my daughter. It's amazing! Letters to My Daughters is a books on "The Art of Being a Wife". It is written directly to her daughters, like a bundle of letters or a journal. Most chapters begin with a letter written to mama from one of her daughters about a topic she wants advice on. She touches on things like, 

It's My Blogiversary but YOU get the gift!

  Ah yes! It's been one year y'all AND this is my 100th post!! Whoo hoo! I am so excited about that! I have loved watching this blog grow, and I love meeting and chatting with all of you that have supported me and this writing adventure. This tiny area of the internet has given me opportunity to share my mama's heart and that of my love of the written word. Books are such a passion, because it helps to open us up to brand new worlds! Cheesy, yes. But you know it's just fact.

10 More Indie Children's Books You Must Check Out

It easy to jump on the bandwagon of what books are popular-and sometimes they're winners-but what about those that aren't in the mainstream spotlight? Think of all the wonders you might be missing out on! Am I the only one who thinks like this?
Today, I'm gonna help out my bookworms, homeschool families, teachers, and every one of you reading this today. Here are 10 children's books from indie authors that you need to check out! They're worth it.

1. Giant the Lion: The Lion Who Could Swim by Artemisa Guierrez Laurence. My kids LOVED this! Artemisa took her experience teaching children how to swim and put it in book form. (I know all my Charlotte Mason homeschoolers are gonna love this living book!) She incorporates teamwork, self-confidence, and the act of learning to swim in this adorable tale. And just know-this book has heft to it. It's not just one sentence on a page. Giant's story is really flushed out, which really surprised me for a picture book! This would be perfect to gift a child when they start swimming lessons!

Being an (un)Natural Mom: Why You Are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids

Ever feel like the worst mom ever? Like, "Dear God, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?". 

It seems like now, all you can do is focus on your shortcomings. I mean, what are you actually good at in mothering game? Wouldn't your kids be better off with that hipster cool mama down the street who's kids have no idea what Red #40 tastes like and who's toys run on sparkle fairy imagination and not batteries. That mama who's house is always looking like Pinterest was inspired by her. The mama who is fit, cheery, and so full of happiness all the live long day, that you wonder if she poops rainbows.

But let's be real here. It's truly impossible to define what a "good" mom is. There's also the struggle with accepting that we all weren't just born with the "good mom genes".

I know I wasn't.

20th Century Music Appreciation with a Big Ol' Sale!

Are there any homeschool moms here who are frustrated that they don't have the time or means to include music in their homeschools? I'm happy to share that Gena Mayo (of Music in Our Homeschool) has two brand new products for sale this week! First, let me tell you about the great self-paced online course:

20th Century Music Appreciation for High School

If you have a high schooler who needs a fine arts credit, you'll want to look into this! Once it's purchased, it's yours forever, so all of your kids will be able to use it and get a 1/2 credit during high school. But, it can also be used for Mom to guide her kids through the 36 weekly lessons and even to teach at a homeschool co-op! This week only, get $30 off the course price! Use coupon code LAUNCHWEEK. Head over to the Music in Our Course site to preview some lessons for free.

  20th-Century-Music-Appreciation-Course-for-High-School-Students Pinterest 

 Second, if you'd prefer an ebook curriculum, you'll want to check out her new one:

25 Lessons in 20th Century European & South American Music Appreciation

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