Making Plans and Making Art...

Riding in the car with hubby a few weeks back, we started discussing what our passions and desires were. We spoke about owning a book store that served local craft beer. We spoke of my Shaklee business becoming something we could do together as a full-time job. We also talked about him making furniture and being able to work from home. My blog. My art. His music. Our health. Jobs. Income. Travel. Helping others. These all are things we wanna put more effort into.

Our biggest desire?

A home in Asheville.
A home period would be great, but there has been no dream that has lasted as long as our desire to live in Asheville. From the first time we stepped foot there-it felt like home. We felt like we were no longer outsiders.

Do you know how great that feels? To be somewhere where you don't feel judged, or like the black sheep, or like a big ol' weirdo?

I mean, Asheville's motto is "Keep Asheville Weird". 

Who can't get on board with that?

So, a few years back we started praying. And praying. And praying. It took almost 2 years before we even put our home on the market to make a step in that direction. We have no idea how we'd get there, what job we'd get, or even our living arrangements-but we wanted to be there and we were going to try every door until it opened.

But as you know, no door has opened. 

In fact, it seems that EVERY door has closed. 

If you've followed me on IG, you know all the crud that's been going on. Even after at least 100 applications-hubby has found no job.

Thing is-we've been looking locally. 

NOT in Asheville. 

Finally, one day in the shower (am I the only one who gets serious prayer time in the shower?), I felt the Lord reveal that we've been praying for SO LONG for Him to get us in Asheville, yet we are looking for work in the opposite direction. He's moved so many obstacles, yet we are hindering His process more.

I shared this with my hubby and told him to pray and ask for confirmation. Well, he started feeling that the Lord was telling him to STAY with his current job. That this was a great opportunity to learn a trade (landscaping). His boss is a great one, and his foreman really enjoys teaching hubs the craft. The pay is about half of what we were making, there is no insurance, and it won't even get us a rental-but the Lord has taken care of us this far-I KNOW He'll provide what we need.

So the plan in a nutshell is for hubs to get some experience under his belt, and for us to save our pennies. See, even if hubby got a job in Asheville, we liquidated our savings when he lost his job-and we would have not a dime to move on, let alone get a rental.

It's a long shot. It's gonna be far from easy-but we really feel that calling-and it ain't just the mountains. We feel deep in our souls that we are supposed to move up that way, so we are gonna keep our eyes up on that way until the Lord says otherwise.

We could really use the prayers, though. We are doing everything we can to earn a little extra to get buy and to save a bit quicker. I just opened up an Etsy Shop, Mama and the Bears Market, to try and earn a little extra. I am still selling Shaklee, and I just recently got a few review opportunities (they aren't paid, but will help this little blog grow!) that I'll be bringing you VERY shortly! One includes the book, Better Together by Jill Savage. You can go ahead and pre-order the book HERE. (Any products you'd be interested in learning more about?)

Pray that the Lord would confirm His plan for us. Pray that we are being within His will (many believe we are not) and not going by our own hearts.

Thank y'all. Thank you for reading my heart each time I post, and that you for encouraging and blessing me through this season of life. I can only hope and pray that our hardships would minister or encourage someone else who may be going through the same. THAT is another desire of ours :)

*As always, there may be affiliate links in this post, but everything written here is 100% my opinion*

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