What it Takes to Build a Castle

I'm building a castle, y'all. 

Really I am. 

Back in the day, they were built to house precious items as well as be a symbol of strength and a fortress against the enemy.

So, like I said-I'm building a castle.

I came across the quote today, and it spoke volumes. It just touched my dreary heart and opened my eyes to a bigger issue. 

You see, I've been a hurt by a few lately-and they probably don't even know it. From negative comments on the web, to stressed encounters, to assumptions and ideas about me that are truly trying to outlast time itself-I'm just over people-ing as a whole. 

Can you feel me? 
*Insert Lord Business' diabolical laugh*
Seriously. I feel like just crawling under a rock and saying "Home Sweet Home".
But we all know, that's not how the Lord has called us to live. 

Notice that both scripture say, "live in harmony". Why aren't we? Why are we so quick to push each other away and tear down everything? Most of my absolute strenuous relationships are with other Christians. There's something COMPLETELY off about that. It makes this whole "people-ing" thing extremely hard and a hobby I'd like to pass on.

Then, I get a text. A message. A letter. I read His Word, and I am reminded.
I am reminded that HE will always be my refuge. And HE, is my cornerstone.

The foundation of this said castle.

I am also reminded even more so by the people who DO invest in me. Who DO know my heart, or at least try to. Those who rejoice when I share good things with them and cry with me when my heart is broken. It's in these people that my castle is built. This is where I go to refuel, to celebrate, and to mourn-when needed. It's there, among these people that I can see my identity in Christ very clearly.

And thing is with castles, they do, in fact, have a door. This door has the ability to let things in and out. It's a fabulous concept, really. It means that it's not a prison, or holding cell, or some backwoods cult compound. There's a free-flow to it all.

So, what are we allowing to come in and overstay their welcome? Who or what is coming in and tearing down the castle and causing pure chaos? 

With those that are truly walking in the Lord, we can build those castles together. Within, those lives become shielded and protected. Safe zones. 

Of course, the walls may be breached at times, but with this community,we can acknowledge and banish anything the enemy may use to attack with. The foundation will always be in tact, as long as it is built on the Cornerstone.
This is not to say, that we should completely force out anyone who is not like us. That's not it at all. But we cannot expect to grow at all being in the midst of toxic relationships. 

Building out castles upon the Rock just means having a haven when needed. A place to grow and build the life we've been called to, no matter what those naysayers think/feel/believe/etc. This is also a place for accountability. Sometimes we need a kick in the rear, and what better people to do so than those who will get in the mud with you. Cause honestly, if you aren't there during my hard times-I don't want you around during my good ones.
And that's it. Build your castle upon the Mighty Rock. Find your community to build with. Allow them to help you fend off the attacks. We are not meant to walk this world alone. We are also not meant to hurt alone. We are not meant to rejoice alone. 

No matter if those people are your distant or immediate family, neighbors or virtual friends thousands of miles away-embrace them. Invest in them. 

See how different the world looks when you've got a family like this.

Who are you "building a castle" with?
What difference does it make to have a support group?

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  1. I think everyone builds a castle around themselves as a way of protecting themselves. It's a great analogy to use when explaining. Just remember, castle's have a draw bridge to let only certain people in, but I can totally understand how people-ing can get on your last nerve. People can be so cruel and it forces us to bring up our draw bridges and prepare the weapons, if need be. #MeetupMondays


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