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Know me, and you know I've been blogging for quite a few years. Problem has been, I just haven't found my niche. That sweet spot where my passions and talents collide. I've prayed about this and I KNOW I am supposed to write. I've known it for ages. Previously when I would blog, I would just try to mimic someone else-and it always felt forced and never really stuck around.

Then, my life got turned upside down last year. Things were so crazy that I turned to social media for my venting and just sharing life in general. Being blown away by all the encouragement I received, I decided to get back into blogging. And here I am. Still working out the kinks. Still figuring it all out.

But I have had some insight. One: books. I've been reviewing books for a few years, but never on my own platform. Reading is pretty much my #1 passion next to writing. It's been that way since I was 5. So not only has this blog given me an opportunity to share that love, I've also been given the opportuniy to work with author's to promote their work. This is beyond exciting to me! I LOVE it and I can't wait for that part of this journey to grow! With that, I am pretty sure I will be changing the name of my blog, to reflect the center (reading) more clearly. The site,, will NOT change. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Two: Fitness. I thought that writing about fitness (a second love/passion) would be a lot easier. It just isn't. I think, because it's such a struggle for me, I have a harder time putting that out there at the moment. That being said, I will no longer post fitness reviews, UNLESS, it's a book. I WILL be posting my weightloss journey, because that's just a big part of who I am. I'm also going to have a friend do weekly posts pertaining to nurtrition and natural health. Maybe in the future I'll pick up the workout product reviews again, we'll see. I do however, have two really great products that were sent to me that I wanted to share before I closed this chapter.

That's these super comfy High Compression Socks from Eleven Sportswear. I have huge calves and these bad boys still fit snug and actually go to my knees. With walking around all day, I wear these and they just feel so.darn.good.

Secondly, I got this Pilates Ring from Mantra. WHY HAVEN'T I HAD ONE OF THESE? I've dabbled in Pilates a bit with my PiYo, but never worked with a ring before. I actually prefer using it over my yoga strap. It keeps my legs more sturdy that the strap.

Now for Three: Personal stuff. My walk with the Lord and everyday life will always be a feature on here. I want to encourage. I want to inspire. I do not want to be invisible behind this computer. 

So, LOTS of stuff going on and I'm just so excited! I hope you all will stick around and see what's in store. I've got quite a few book reviews coming up, PLUS, I'm going to start back using Periscope AND I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do YouTube. 

Let me know what kind of reviews you'd like to see!
What's your favorite book genre?
What's the last book you read?

*I was sent these products in exchange for my honest review and that's what you got!*

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