Clumsy Mama Falls in Love with Suspension Straps {Review}

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You know, I write not only because I have something to say-but to keep myself accountable. There are many things that I post on social media that many may glance at and assume that because I write about it in a positive light-that it isn't my daily struggle.

I wholeheartedly believe that true health doesn't just come from exercising and eating right. I believe you must invest in mental, spiritual, and emotional health as well. That's what this entire blog is about! 

But I'll be honest-physical fitness is a sore spot for me. I struggle in this area more than most and I seem to fall off the bandwagon quite often. I could beat myself up about it all day, or I can get up off the ground and start again. I have about 56 pounds out of my 100 left to lose. It's been a rough road, but I know at the end of this journey-I'll one heck of a testimony to share! 

And that means, this is me, getting back on the horse...again. That being said, I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to a new part of my fitness routine.

Being back in the house, I have more room to workout and my neighborhood is perfect to get my daily walks in. Walking of course, isn't enough. I love weight training, but sold all of my weights, and we just can't afford a gym membership right now.

In comes Fitness Answered Training. They kindly sent me a set of their Suspension Straps to try out for review. I got pretty excited, but then started to freak out. I bought a set of these straps last year from Walmart, and returned them. They were flimsy and thin, and I just KNEW it was going to break and have me on my face in an instant.

Oh no. That is NOT the case with these straps.
Not. at. all.

Within the box comes a carrying bag, the straps themselves, the piece that keeps them from slipping through the door, and a daisy chain to extend the straps (especially if hanging from the ceiling). 

It's easy to assemble, and my only honest complaint with the system is there were no instructions. I think instructions and maybe a chart of various moves would be a great addition for this set!

I did however, find quite a bit of help when I looked up "Suspension Strap Workout" on Pinterest. Tons of goodies came up! 

So I started practicing, and man! This is NOT easy, but completely doable. My muscles were completely freaking out. 

Taking these photos, I couldn't stop laughing because my arms wouldn't stop shaking. It looks like its TOO easy, but I promise-its a REALLY good workout. I read somewhere, that this style of workout was developed for Navy Seals. This is why I only choose to show two moves because I didn't want anyone to see my awful form!

However, I did find some infographics on Pinterest that showed how to utilize these straps for yoga which got me really pumped! That's something that didn't cross my mind, but I made sure to pin it! There are even some great videos to follow along with too! 

The straps hold up extremely well, cause I mean, I'm no little girl. The carabiner that hooks the straps to the door is thick and far from delicate. I messed with it to see if it would bend or warp-it did no such thing. 

The straps themselves are heavy duty nylon, reinforced with plenty of stitches. Although my face shows fear-I was pretty confident that I wasn't going to fall. The handles are comfy and I felt no strain from them at all. 

 I did use this on my garage door, which is metal. I wouldn't recommend on a hollow door-just my preference. I think next, we (yes, hubby got in on the action too!) are going to get a hook to screw into a stud in the ceiling. The door does offer some limitations when it comes to using them, and for yoga, the openness will help a great deal.

Have you ever tried Suspension Straps before?
Is it something you'd be interested in trying?

If you wanna purchase some for yourself, check them out HERE. They're actually about a third of the price of the "name-brand" set, right now! 

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