Fitness Answered Training Products: Resistance Bands and Lame Excuses {Review}

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Yes, I know. Two mini reviews back to back-how tacky. I do have an explanation to this nonsense.

You see, I was supposed to have a video review for The Wrath & the Dawn between these two reviews...

Then I got some highly random stomach bug. The kind that isn't awful, but does make me want to bury myself in bed and never wake up.

You just can't get on BookTube when you look feel like that. So...I thought I'd share a mini review instead. It's just safer. 

Trust me. 

We both win.

What I present to you today is a set of Resistance Bands from Fitness Answered Training. Now, you might remember them from my Suspension Straps post.

This company is just AWESOME. They make high qualily fitness products for a fraction of the price of brand name stuff. These bands are no exception. Each one is covered in nylon which I have no doubt will prolong the life of your product. There are quite a few bands that are included, 7 to be exact. You have TONS of combos you can do. 

The handles are detachable which makes a big difference. It would be such a pain to have handles on all of the bands. It does come with a carrying kit-so this is a no brainer for those that work on the road or travel a lot. It's great for out family, since we just don't have the room for a "home" gym and like I've said before-taking 4 kids to the gym just isn't in the cards for this mama. Especially when people don't keep their sick babies at home (now THAT is another post all in itself!).

If you're needing an inexpensive workout alternative to that of a gym or some large clunky equipment-do this. 

*I received this product in exchange for my honest review and that's what you got!*

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