Small Business Review #1: Blessing Collection with Blessing Okoro

What can I say, I am so unoriginal when it comes to my "mommy" style. Give me leggings and comfy shoes, and all is right with the world!

That's why I was super stoked to meet Ms. Blessing Okoro, and get the chance to sample a set of her leggings! I mean, who would turn that down? Am I right?

There are a few great things about these leggings:

1. They're made in the USA!! How amazing is that? No worrying about "fast fashion" here! Her leggings are printed and sewn right in the Sunshine State.

2. They're UBER comfy. I mean, SUPER DE DUPER comfortable! I've worn them for three separate activities this week to test them ou: A) Working out. B) Hanging around the house with the kids. C) Running errands with the hubs.

No matter what I was doing, they didn't roll or get slouchy by the end of the day. And let's face it-I'm not a small girl yet, the L/XL fit me great and didn't slide down my rear-end. She has some other really funky tops and tanks in her shop as well as these bad boys that I've got my eye on:

And lastly,

3. They're from a small shop!! No worrying about where your money is going, cause I'm about to introduce you to the owner/designer/CEO of Blessing Collection!

Here's a lil 411 on the sweetheart:

Name: Blessing Okoro
Age: 20 (TWENTY! Is that not awesome?)
Location: Ontario, Canada
Where you can find her: Twitter Instagram

How long have you been in business? 
Two Months.

What inspired your brand? 
I just had all of these ideas in my head!

What made you want to start up, Blessing Collection? 
I love fashion and always wanted to design clothing.

What advice would you have for women wanting to start up their own business? 
Research and work hard. It's not easy-but it's worth it!

I'm extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to meet Blessing as well as get to try out her budding new brand! Please take the time to check our her shop or even pick up a pair of these swanky leggings HERE, show her some love on social media, and spread the word. Shopping small and supporting small businesses makes a HUGE impact on or world!

Have a small business you want to market? Message me @ and we can collab! 

Share your small business links below!

*I received these leggings in exchange for my 100% honest opinion and that's exactly what you got!*

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