Tiny Tuesday #1: Anchor Rings (Silicone Wedding Rings)

It's time to get acquainted with a new company that I think you'll benefit from!

This is Anchor Rings. They design and manufacture silicone wedding bands.  Kinda weird, right? 

I know what you're thinking:"Why on earth would I want a silicone wedding band?" Well, ever take your nice one off cause you're working in the garden? What about before a workout, because your band digs into your skin while carrying weights? What about just the fear of damage?

Well, that's where the silicone ring comes in. Perfect for trainers, cross-fitters, firefighters, gardeners (hubby is a landscaper and he loves his!), mechanics, EMTs, electricians, etc. 

The ring is made from medical grade hypoallergenic silicone, which makes it waterproof and non conductive. They come in a super cute box and outer wrapper that makes it perfect for gifting. My only complaint is I really wish the litter anchor stamp would have been on the OUTSIDE of the ring rather than the inside. It's a little plain, and I've seen other brands with little cute markings and this one is lacking in that area. 

I've had mine for over a week, and I've worn it every day. It's really comfortable to the point of not realizing I have it on. I don't worry about getting my hands dirty, working out with it, and best part-I don't have to worry about scratching my kids' faces with my big ring lol. The women's come in 4 different colors: hot pink, mint, white, and black. I'd actually like to have them all if I was completely honest!
Now, I still wear my "real" ring on the reg, this one is just my "around the house" ring. My engagement ring is white gold, and I occasionally have a reaction to it-so having an "alternative" to wear when I'm giving my finger a break is great. This is one I don't have to think about and I'm down with that.

Have you ever tried a silicone ring before?
Would you ever wear one?
What do you think the benefits of one would be? 

*I received this item in exchange for an honest review and that's what you got!*

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  1. I like silicone rings. I have a few black ones, but I like your pink one!


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