Why Everything, Everything really is EVERYTHING! {Book Review}

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Ever pick up a book, get halfway through and think, "Why I am reading this?"

That was what happened to me with Nicola Yoon's, Everything, Everything. It's a YA Fiction Novel about a young girl who has an extremely rare disease. She can't go outside her house. Her illness is so rare, no one knows what her triggers are, so she has lived her life within the sterile walls of her home, with her mama, who is also her doctor. She homeschools, has game nights with mom, and has no idea what it's like to have the grass between your toes or what the air smells like after the rain. She handles all of this pretty well, until...

Madeline's routine completely changes when a young boy and his family move in next door. The boy's dad is a violent drunk, which makes it impossible not to be a tad bit nosy. This is the part of the book where I was questioning if I should continue. I was beginning to feel completely old. I thought I was reading a book that was just beyond my age/maturity level. I was expecting a typical love story, and was just not in the mood.

But I decided to keep going. Madeline is such a sweet character, and so is the boy, Olly. I don't think they're the typical YA couple, but oh did they remind me of days past and that lovely anxiety of fresh love. uncomplicated and pure. They're a simple duo, but in the kind of way you want to hop in the book and hang out with them. I adored them both.

Yoon has a very fresh writing style, the book was an easy read, but extremely fulfilling. There's IM transcripts, emails, and even diary entries to keep the pace pretty fast. Once the twist shows up-my mouth just dropped. Wasn't expecting that and it really made the story line that much sweeter. It's a coming-of-age type story, without all the Bella Swan drama and depression.

The ending? Oh yes. VERY satisfied. I believe it was the best way to end the story and I closed the book with a huge smile on my face.

A story about truly living life to the fullest-no matter what cards you've been dealt, I will actually re-read this and recommend it to everyone. After reading some heavy fantasy novels and deeply emotional non-fiction, this was just the perfect text to remedy all of that.

I give this a complete 5 out of 5 stars! 


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