Yoga Props & Kids {New Ways to Play!}

So. Lifestyle change. 
Thing is, when you have kids, you can't actually have a lifestyle change without including them. Cause uh, well, there kind of a big part of life-right?

We're also supposed to be leading be example right?

Well-let's do this!

I've been blessed to have been sent quite a few really awesome and special yoga items the past few weeks to test and try out. I love them ALL, but didn't want to do a post dedicated to how to put your yoga mat into a yoga strap.

Snoozeville, anyone?

So instead, I thought of ways my kids could share some pretty cool alternative ways to use them items for THEM. They of course, jumped at this chance. They've been itching to play with all of the cool stuff that's been arriving, and having them get really into yoga has just been a blast!

First up, we have a pretty great yoga strap from, FiveFourTen. It's a pretty sturdy nylon strap that adjust to the width of your mat really easily. With it being so sturdy, I thought it would also do double duty as a stretching strap. I kinda love it. I've been using it to help me get into difficult poses (difficult for me, mind you) like dancer's pose. I was NOT about to show you how awful I look in that, so Miss Munchkin decided to try her hand at stretching.

She was completely terrified of falling over-but muscled through for mommy to get a shot. Lol. For me, I just slip my foot into one of the holes (that would go around your strap) and use that to stabilize my balance. Obviously the strap is too long for her so we doubled up.

Another way was for them to stretch together! The strap was more than long enough for tandem stretches and I'm sure if we messed around we could have figured out at least half a dozen way to use the strap together.

Then we moved on to their favorite-the yoga ball. This one is by, Live Infinitely. Now, I just adore this thing, and even more so because it isn't a boring grey. It brings back so many memories of birthing my little ones! Literally this time last year, hubby was blowing one up for me to get some relief since my Braxton Hicks were starting with Ollie Bear.

The ball is pretty big for the kids, but together, they can use it for some pretty good stretching. This picture is hilarious because I have no idea what is going one with Cashe-Man's face. They'll play with this thing all day, and mommy loves it for stretching (especially for my back)-like HERE. This ball in particular is incredibly sturdy and it came with a pump which was a relief. I have no idea where out bike pump is!

Next on our list was something I know we will be using on the reg, and that's these Yoga Cards from Think Fun. It's a deck of cards where each card has a different yoga position on it. It has a few instructions for various games to play which is just awesome, if you ask me. My littles are a bit too young at the moment, so we just tried it out like the WOD Deck of Cards game. We pulled cards and attempted to do the move. I was shocked that Cashe-Man jumped at the chance and rocked his chair pose!

Munchkin was next with her Downward Facing Dog. She held this for quite a while.

Some of the moves I couldn't even figure out, but we have fun nonetheless! I can see us picking out these cards quite frequently! Little London (2 years old) was eating at the time, but I'm sure he would have been able to participate too. This was just a lot of fun for us all to goof off while still getting some stretching in.

We had such a great time! I've been looking for way to get the kids "active" inside on days when it's too cold or raining to be running around outside. Being that my boys can be extremely hyperactive, I believe without a doubt that incorportaing yoga into their lives would be high beneficial and MAYBE might calm them down? (A mama can dream, right?)

Do you do any workouts WITH your kiddos?
Have you ever tried yoga with them?

*I received these items in exchange for my honest review, and an honest review is what you got!*

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  1. I love yoga, but I haven't done it since having my daughter Cataleya. I've never thought of incorporating her into my poses on the mat, you just gave me an idea. Yoga helps me easy my mind!


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