Blissful Business: A Gorgeous Guide to Creating Your Dream Career in Health and Wellness

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Besides reading and writing, health & wellness is a top passion for me. I love reading everything I can about keeping our temples in tip-top shape. I also love reading about it from a business perspective because I have SO MANY friends in the biz and maybe one day I will be too!That's why I jumped to the chance to read, "Blissful Business: A Gorgeous Guide to Creating Your Dream Career in Health and Wellness" by Gabrielle Pelicci PH.D

This is an easy and quick to read e-book or "manual" to help you visualize and make a plan of attack for those big, beautiful career goals!

Dr. Gabby is a leading expert on Holistic Medicine and TV Host at Miami-based Health & Wellness Channel. Dr. Gabby has traveled to 40 countries, worked with thousands of clients – including celebrities and high profile people – and has more than a decade of teaching experience under her belt at top universities in Mind-Body Medicine and Holistic Health. Dr. Gabby’s expertise is regularly featured in National and Local Media such as MSNBC, The New York Post, and the Huffington Post. Dr. Gabby is the Founder of Women in Wellness Career Training, a one-of-a-kind course and community designed to empower and inform you about how to build a purposeful and profitable holistic business.

In other words-this woman knows what she's talking about.

Now, let's talk about her book: 

First, the actually book itself is just about as gorgeous as Gabby herself! The pages are filled with beautiful photos and colorful graphics. There is absolutely nothing boring about this book! Each page is a joy to read-and this is coming from someone who isn't always so thrilled about reading an e-book. So if the fact that it's a digital copy is throwing you off-trust me-it isn't an issue at all. In all honesty, I would recommend sending this over to Staples and getting it printed off and putting it into a binder. There are exercises inside that would be beneficial to write directly into the book, while also adding your own notes.

The book is roughly 100 pages, but is packed with uplifting and focused information. There's even a chapter on how to meditate and truly zone in on your goals. This may weird some of you non-crunchy folks out, but it's honestly no different than a visual board! 

Gabby also covers the topics of teaching, coaching, publishing, presenting, media presence (which if you think isn't important-you're living in 1999), and lastly-she goes over how to create your own business plan. The whole system is so simple, but I can see how MANY skip this step and wonder why their business is not succeeding. Her method really causes you to stop and think and put those dreams down on paper to change them into real goals.

If you have a health and fitness business or are thinking about starting one, give this ebook a look! It may give you new insight from someone who has "been there; done that". 

There's no doubt that one NEEDS to have a plan with whatever business venture you are wading out into. Blissful Business gives you the simple steps on how to zone in on those goals and make it happen.

To those that are taking the steps to encourage others to get healthy and fit-I thank you and am so inspired by you!

As always, please give this author some love and help spread the word! You can find Dr. Gabby at her website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

*I received this book in exchange for my 100% honest review*

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