Kid's Under the Sea Holy Bible Giveaway!

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Since we celebrated Resurrection Sunday this week (why are we celebrating so far from Passover? #rantover), why not continue the festivities with a Bible giveaway for the kiddos??

The lovely people at Zondervan sent me the absolute cutest children's Bible and they are kind enough to giveaway a copy to one of my reader's!
This newly released hardback Bible is called the-
  "Under the Sea Holy Bible". It's a New International Reader's version and perfect for either a boy or girl!

This is not a story book, but an actual Bible. It contains 1144 pages, but is light and would easy for even small littles to carry around. 

The front sparkles with a metallic sheen that is super appealing. My kids have been trying to get their little hands on this book since it arrived! It's VERY eye catching.

Inside, there are a few full-colored pages scattered throughout with important texts such as:

Books of the Bible
The Lord's Prayer
10 Commandments (in easy to understand "kid" language)
ABC's of Becoming and Christian
and more!

In the back of the book, it contains a mini Bible dictionary as well as a list of 92 Bible stories with their page numbers-a simple but effective reference guide.

Personally, this would make a great gift for any child. It's a great way to graduate from the younger "storybook" style Bibles to the real deal. The print is small, but I honestly don't think that's an issue when it comes to older readers.  I also think this would motivate any little one to pick up the Word regularly! I mean, look at those characters! Aren't they adorbs?

I know many are expecting a Bible with a cover like this to have all sorts of gimmicks on the inside to make it a true "kids Bible", but honestly-what is better for a child than to just read the Word of God?

If you're interested in getting  a copy of your own-go ahead and enter below!! Don't forget to share this giveaway with your friends!

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*I revived this book in exchange for my honest review*

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