The Alphabet Book by Adam Solomon {Book Review}

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Oh yes, you read that right:

Ten. Years. Old.

How cool are you when you have your first book out at ten years old? Well, Adam is pretty cool. 

This book, The Alphabet Book by Adam Solomon is the alphabet through the eyes of a child. He took photographs of normal, everyday items, and made them into letters.


A tire for the letter O.
The letter "i" in some drops of water.
A "v" in an old broom.

It's just too awesome not to admire. This is perfect for a pre-k class or homeschooling family.

I pray that this kid keeps his love of photography for a lifetime! I know that we, as a family, will treasure this book, and hopefully my kids will be inspired by such beautiful art!

You can find Adam at:

*I was sent this in exchange for my honest review*

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