The Art of Weightloss Coaching and other goodies...

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I know! I've been super MIA this week, but I have an EXCELLENT excuse:


The ENTIRE family.

Need I say more?

With that being said, I am bringing you a pretty sweet book to check out if you're in the health & fitness industry.

This is a quick-read e-book that is just perfect for all of my good friends that involved with MLM companies, as well as those that are just looking to get into the coaching industry.

Crosby is not new to the business at all, getting involved way before this bandwagon ever took off. She started her business at the age of 29, back in the 90's. Her focus is on making weight-loss fun, not a "lose-5-lbs-in-a-day" gimmick.

In her book, she does an extremely thorough job of getting through not only the basics of coaching (being positive, first impressions, etc.) but also some other things like: 

-Foods that nourish and support weigh-loss
-Dealing with vegetarian and gluten free clients
-What to do in your FIRST appointment with a client
-How to have a "Winning" attitude

Now, she definitely has her ducks in a row from the business stand-point, but do note that she gives you HER outline of HER program as well. I don't think this means you can't read this unless you follow her plan to the letter. I read it as just an up-close and personal look at someone who has this coaching thing figured out.

With that being said-CHECK IT OUT! Ya'll know I'm talking to you! I have so many friends in the coaching business, which is why I wanted to review this book!

I was also sent some other "fitness" goodies to go along with this:

This swanky Deluxe Bluetooth Weight-Loss Scale from Easy@Home. This gadget is my new obsession. It links with an app on my phone and tracks my weightloss with charts and everything! Now that I'm not bent over in anguish from THAT virus, I can get back on track and this has been a huge motivator.

I was also sent this adorable glass bottle for Melody, from Purifyou. It's the perfect size for her, and I'm really trying to get all of the kids glass bottles. I love mine and they not only hold up better, they are just better all around for the environment. It comes in 6 different colors and is on sale!

That's it y'all. I'm back and I have LOADS of reviews coming this week so stay tuned! I also have some giveaway coming as well. Don't give up on me. I'm getting the hang of this.

*I was sent these items in exchange for my honest review and that's what you got!*

Got a coaching buiness? Post your links below!

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