8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids: Heartfelt & Realistic

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Parenting is hard.
And sometimes, you just suck at it.

Trust me, I know.

I've got 4 littles and I try hard not to screw up with them every.single.day. It would be so nice to have a guidebook for not sending them into therapy at age 40 because I was a bonehead parent. 

Now, I'm not toting this book as the answer to everything-but when you're feeling conviction after the first two pages-it might be worth passing it on.

8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids by Todd Cartmell is such a great book. As a clinical child psychologist, Cartmell has some pretty good insight at what kind of behavior is damaging to kids. I mean, he talks to kids all day-and we know they love to tell everyone about our dirty little secrets!

First chapter. First Tool. "Talking" Oh geesh. Here we go. 
He gets right at it by talking about a little boy who has been torn by his dad's yelling (although well-meaning). Man oh man. That's me. Sometimes I yell because I have 4 kids to drown out and other times I just yell because I'm fed up. I know it's not good-yet I still do it.

One of Cartmell's tips?

"Your communication style with your kids is REALLY, REALLY important. Not their communication style. Yours."

He backs this with whipping out some Bibleness...like umm the Fruits of the Spirit. 

Heard of them?


I mean, if these are how we are supposed to treat one another, doesn't that mean our kids as well?

Pretty good, eh?

Cartmell goes on his book to cover all "8 Tools" but breaks them down into smaller chunks. He talks on Family Time and Learning Together, Practicing Faith with Your Kids, and how to Water the WHOLE Lawn Regularly.

You make think all of this sounds cheesy and even common sense-but trust me. After examining myself, there were a lot of points that really pierced me and shined a light on areas where I've been a bit lazy.

Carmell is encouraging and knowledgeable. All in all-great, quick read and  very much worth it.       
5 out of 5

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