Introducing "The Shoe that Grows": They NEED Your Help!

You have probably seen a few of my posts already, about Because International and "The Shoe that Grows", but I wanted to give you a more in depth look at them.

My family was blessed to be chosen to help promote "The Shoe that Grows" through the "Wear-A-Pair" campaign they are running through the month of April. They are looking to raise between $100-250K to help support their mission.

What is their mission? 

Essentially, they're putting shoes on the feet on children in third world countries. Not just any shoes-but QUALITY footwear. These shoes will literally GROW with them! They adjust in width and length without sacrificing structure or comfort.

I've walked the streets of the second largest slum in the world, in the middle of India. I have seen the barefoot children running through the streets that are filled with trash and sewage. I've seen them strap pieces of trash to the feet with string-this is a real problem and "The Shoe that Grows" is a real solution.

Through this campagin, they are raising money that will go to keeping costs as low as possible. They are also starting a new project where they'll provide mosquito nets to protect kids from getting malria. This is a company focused on solutions for the children of this world.

THAT is why you should stand with them.

It's easy. You can donate $1. You can purchase a pair of shoes for your own children ($50 will get your child a pair while sending TWO pairs to a child that needs them!). You can also share this post and my fundraising page. And don't forget to pray. Pray that the Lord will multiply every single dollar that is brought in!

Please stand with me! Let's help protect these little one's feet while providing them with something they see as pure luxury.

Ready to donate? HERE is my fundraising page! We only have a few days left in the campaign!

Watch this 2 minute video to see the shoes in action!

*We received shoes and tees for the sole purpose of promotion. I have received no other compensation, nor will I through your donations or any other methods.*

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