Interview with Author Gita V. Reddy and a Kids' Book Bundle Giveaway

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Whoo hoo! I'm pretty excited for today's post! As a homeschooling mama, I just LOVE getting to check out new children's books! Reading is definitely something I want my kids to enjoy as much as I do.

The books we are going over today are not only awesome, but you can easily take them anywhere-since they're ebooks! One of my readers will receive BOTH of them for download from the author! Stay tuned till the end to enter!

First up is "The Ant Thief". The story is about a little ant-gorgeously named Noira-that is bragging about a diamond ring a king gave to her. Problem is-Noira is a thief! What will the other ants think when they find out the truth?

"The Ant Thief" is a great read-a-loud but I think it's even better for littles that are learning to read. The text is thick and bold making it easy for them to follow along with!

Next up is "The Alphabet Game". Another great addition to my homeschool library! This is not your ordinary book. This one is for the kiddos that need to being DOING something while reading. This book takes different animal names, and makes them "clickable". Each letter will take you to the picture of that letter. (B for Bear) Now your children will be able to better associate the sounds of the letters with images. Pretty darn cool if you ask me!
Last, but definitely not least (actually this is my favorite. Look at that frog! The illustrations in the book are just gorgeous!) is "Super-Duper Monty"!! This book JUST RELEASED!! This book will seriously grab the attention of the littlest littles. Tons of bright colors, and although the story itself is short- there's a lot still to talk about. I mean, Monty is jumping and hoping all over the place! 

Now, you know I can't do a review without introducing you to the writer behind the work. I think it's extremely important to get to know who is writing these wonderful books. So here is a little info on Gita V. Reddy:


Tell us a little about yourself, Gita, and your decision to write children's books:

I am a multi genre author. I write for children and for adults. I have written adventure tales, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, animal tales, and general fiction. I write for middle graders, for children in the age group 8-10, and also create picture books for kids 3-7. I started with middle grade fiction and moved on to other ages. It was not a conscious decision; my early stories were for my son, and he was eleven at that time.

Writing itself was not a conscious decision. I was an avid reader. I also loved (oral) storytelling. I started writing to amuse my son, and now I’m happiest when I’m creating a new story.

-What was your favorite part of the whole experience?

Getting an idea and seeing what shape it takes. Many times, a story does not unfold the way I imagine it. For example, I may create a minor character but I like him so much that I change the story to accommodate him. Or, the characters have gained a personality of their own and will not stick to the premeditated storyline.

-Anything that you would change or do differently?

Sometimes I wish I had marketed my books better but then, I may not have written as much as I have.  
-Will you be writing anything more, or do you currently have something in the works?

My last three books have been for kids. Super-Duper Monty, a picture book, has released on May 13th. My next release is a short story collection for adults. I have already released one short story, Never Ever, to introduce the book.

-Links to purchase your books:

-How to keep up with you: 

I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest


Gita, thank you so much for your time and for sharing your work with us!! We're also incredibly thankful for you giving one of our readers a bundle of "Super Duper Monty" and "The Alphabet Game"!!

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*I received this book in exchange for my honest review*

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