Kent Evans' "Wise Guys" and Giveaway

"We live in an age when another hero of ours is badly wounded and in need of miraculous resuscitation_not a physical hero, but a metaphorical one. I'm talking about mentorship. The good new: its only mostly dead."

I know what you're thinking.

Why on earth are you reviewing a men's book?

Well, the ONLY reason I am bringing this book to y'all is because mentorship/discipleship is something I truly believe and advocate for. We're losing in this area across the board. 

In an age where women are not only determined to be like men-we also feel we can tell them HOW to be men. Somehow, we loudly express our distaste at the thought of a man having an opinion about our womenhood-but yet have no trouble voicing our opinions and demands about them.
(*cough*cough*Someone jumped on the soapbox!)

This, if you will indulge me, contributes to why today's men are not exactly sure what in the world they're supposed to be doing according to the Word.

The Bible clearly states that, "...iron sharpens iron..." so men need linking up with other guys just like we women are supposed to have the mindset of, "...older women teaching younger women..."

In Kent Evans' book, "Wise Guys" he challenges his male readers to seek wisdom. Not just any kind of wisdom, but wisdom from "better-traveled" guys. This book digs in to the stereotype that men shouldn't/won't ask for help or directions and seeks to squash it. He also brings up the obvious fact that,

"...fatherhood has been obliterated in our country during the last 50 years. A father who stays married to one wife and gives guidance to his children is a relic, even the subject of scorn and ridicule."

This topic and more are covered in "Wise Guys", and I know this would be a blessing to a young man seeking a little growth or an already wise dude wanting to know how to help. 

It even has questions at the end of each chapter, making the teaching go just that much deeper. There's no doubt that Evans meant real business when he wrote this, and is hoping for true change in the hearts of the men who read this.

As women, let us lift up the men in our lives, that they may rise up to be mighty men of valor! If you have a man you would like to encourage, then enter the giveaway below to win a copy of 
"Wise Guys" to give!

KENT EVANS is the board chairman and co-founder of Manhood Journey, a ministry that helps fathers and mentors build the next generation of godly men. Kent has personally experienced how the guidance of godly men can change the course of a life. Today he is blessed with a solid 20-year marriage, four wonderful sons and a fulfilling life – largely because of what he’s learned from other men. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and can be found on Twitter, @manhoodjourney

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  1. I love this. I have the perfect person in mind for this book.


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