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Great characters. Great writing. Great story. Great cover. 
(Don't judge that I judge books by their covers. You know you do it too.)

If you've got a middle-schooler OR you're just a huge nerd like me, RUN to get this book!!! This is seriously the next "Percy Jackson" (Oh, I went there.). This book is JAMMED with just pure 5-star awesomeness. Mystery? Check. Historical Fiction? Check. Over 140 of the top vocab words for middle schoolers? Check!! Yeah, you read that right. Your kids will be getting a mini lesson within the pages of this book. #Winning

5 out of 5 stars. No doubt. No questioning.

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AFTER A DISASTROUS SIXTH GRADE, Jake Herndon is anxiously awaiting his Big Do-Over, starting with his new school's notorious seventh grade sleepover. Awkward team-building games and forced fun quickly become the least of his problems, however, when a dangerous organization invades and the night takes a shocking turn. Jake and two new classmates, Lucy and TJ, barely escape, only to find themselves in a fight for survival on the streets of Chicago. Over the next 48 hours they unravel a mystery dating back to the Civil War and an incredible secret about Jake s family.

Full of unforgettable characters and unexpected twists, The League and the Lantern is a jaw-dropping ride of mind-bending revelations and laugh-out-loud humor. If Jake and his new friends can make it through this weekend, they just might have a shot at seventh grade.

In this debut novel, family television executive producer and dad Brian Wells has created an epic, rip-roaring comedy adventure that s also about courage, family and friendship. The result is an engaging mix of great characters, crackling wit and unexpected twists that 9- to 14-year-olds, entertainment executives and family groups are applauding.

About the Author: Raised on the edge of the jungles of Nigeria and the prairies of Illinois, executive producer Brian Wells has helped bring to life award-winning network television movies that have been enjoyed by millions and applauded by family organizations across the U.S. Although seventh grade was the worst year of Brian’s life, it helped him develop the imagination and catlike reflexes he enjoys today. This is his first novel.

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