5 Kids' Books By Indie Authors You MUST Check Out!

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 Having four little people in the house means that we have a ton of children's books. I mean, a ton. Ever since I found I was pregnant the first time, I began bringing home all of the books I loved as a kid-and even collecting some that were way older than me.

I absolutely adore our collection of children's lit, but I also love discovering new authors and books that I get to experience for the first time with my kids. Here are some of our current favs:

 This is Bon Voyage Bunny by Betsy Clemons. This adorable book is not only written, but illustrated by Betsy. It's about a little circus bunny in Paris, who is tired of his current life. So he takes off in his hot air balloon and travels to various places before settling in the country.  All of my kids enjoyed this, as did I! My favorite part is the mixed-media approach to Betsy's illustrations. They're so much fun and extremely eye catching. My biggest kids had fun trying to figure out all of the different mediums she used on each page. Bon Voyage Bunny would be perfect for an art class, including homeschoolers!

Next we have Hola! Let's Learn Spanish, by Judy Martialay. This is another great book for

homeschoolers, because it's like having an entire unit study in one book. No more searching for ages on Pinterest for early Spanish worksheets! (Am I the only one who does this?) There's a story to read that's filled with vocab, but also songs and activities to work with in the back. Coming from someone who took French in high school (and doesn't know much Spanish at all!)-this is fantastic as an intro to the language! Judy has made it so simple and completely hands-on. I plan on using this as a group activity with all of my kids. This book has everything that you need! I love it!

Do Dogs Pray by Kimberly Galeti Kennedy is a sweet easy reader about a lab named Lefty, who loses her toy and is very sad. Her owner decides to say a little prayer with the pup and what do you think happens? My daughter is obsessed with this book. As simple as the concept may be, she loves the idea of a little dog praying to get her toy back! The photos are super bold, while the writing structered to be easy enough for a first or second grader to read themselves. Bonus-Kimberly has another book called, Hey, Don't Forget the Sunscreen! that's another easy reader with a great lesson.

"Fine! I will persevere. A Peach Tree I am. One day sweet peaches I will have!"

Little Peach Pit by Grace Nava is a story that all children should read. It's about a little peach pit (go figure lol) that has to deal with bullies, harsh environments, and even it's own doubts while attempting to grow. This cute book teaches perseverance in a very easy format. I do wish that the pictures were a little clearer (my kids didn't notice at all)-but it's still a great read. My kids understood the concept of the story right away. With all the bullying going on-books with this kind of message and encouragement are well needed!

Last but SOOOO not least, is The Magicatory by Amy Vansant. This is a middle grade fantasy novel that seriously needs to go viral. It's about a batch of siblings who, by mistake, end up at The Magicatory. What is The Magicatory? Well, it's where they make anything and everything. Trees? Yup. Air? You betcha. The Loch Ness Monster? Well, that was a mistake of timing. Poor Agnes was supposed to delivered around 93,000,000 B.C. but was dropped off in 1930.

Amy has written an amazing voice and narrator for this book. I caught myself giggling and laughing along with my older kids. They loved it too, since there are four siblings (and I have 4 kids)-so they were really able to relate. The Magicatory is a totally fun book-hands down! I haven't read middle grade in AGES, and Amy reminded me what I've been missing! She's also incorporated something awesome for your kids, while they're reading. Go to Magicatory.com and your kids can submit questions to their favorite characters in the book AND they'll write back! How cool is that?? Talk about bringing a book to life! You can also check out more about Amy and the rest of her books HERE.

I really and truly hope you all enjoy these books as much as my family has. Please check them out and show their authors some love. These guys are independent authors and they need our love & support! Share, share, share! The world needs to know about these works and their authors, we can help do that.

*I received these books in exchange for my honest review*

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  1. Squeal you had me at books!! I love books and take my kids to the library weekly for our stack :)

  2. We're all bookworms in our family. I think my granddaughter would LOVE Do Dogs Pray. Putting it on my list! Thanks!


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