If you haven't see any of my IG posts (You ARE following me on Instagram, right? RIGHT?), I posted about how I am making a few tweaks and changes to the blog (hence, why its in a mess at the moment!). 

This is due to the fact that I've got other things I wanna write about and share with you all that isn't just about books! If you've known me personally, you know that heart is Jesus, homemaking, natural health/wellness, AND books. 

I've felt for a little while, that my blog hasn't been as personal as I'd like. So that's what this shift is about. 

I wanna feature what makes me, ME. 

I'll hope you'll stick around to see what that really means.

Mama Bear 
AKA Dominique B.

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  1. I love personal blogs! I'm glad you are going to make your site more personal.


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