Daddy Daughter Publishing & A Happy Father's Day!

Good morning, all!!

I hope that you guys are blessed today and that you are celebrating that special dude in your life! May it be your dad, step-dad, grandpa, an awesome uncle, or a guy who just made a permanent impact or your life-make sure they know you love em' today.

And speaking of life impact, I am so excited to share someone who is perfect for me to introduce to you on Father's Day!!

Readers, meet Ephraim Benton all the way from Brooklyn, NY!! He and his daughter own their own  publishing company and are TRULY inspiring. In an age where good father's aren't getting much credit-this daddy is not only involved with his daughter but is raising her in a beautiful way by helping her follow her dream and smashing down stereotypes and stigmas while he's at it! It's passionate fathers (or father figures) like this, that we celebrate today! They're rare gems that deserve a day just for them. 

This duo really touches my heart by their growing accomplishments together. Here's a little about them and this empire they're creating and why you better keep a watch out:

 Tell us a little about yourself: 

Born in Brooklyn, NY and the oldest of seven, I have three children. I constantly develop my own projects in various mediums, and have executive produced, written and directed several film projects. I've been in the film business for over twenty years. 

Actor, Director, Producer, Writer & Founder of two film festivals. I've have used my life experience and success as a platform to give back to the neighborhood I was raised in with my non profit organization. 

In 2010, I received the 'Brooklyn Borough President's Creative Award', 'Thomas R. Fortune Artistic Award' for my humanitarian efforts and Congressional Award & Record under Obama's first administration. I created "Daddy Children's Day", which I received a proclamation in 2015 to make it an official Brooklyn Day to celebrate. I co-founded "Daddy Daughter Publishing" with my seven year old daughter at the time, to publish her first book in 2011. 

What made you want to start such a venture with your daughter? 

When she was seven years old, she really enjoyed reading which inspired her to write short stories. I read some of her stories and asked would she like people from all around the world to read your stories. She said yes and being that I'm a resourceful person, I did research, raised money through kick starter and put a book out two months later

What would your daughter say is the best thing about working along side of you? 

That I believe in her and care about making her dreams come true.

What do you love most about writing? 

I love bringing people into my world that I create.

What are you hoping to achieve with your books? 

To bring more awareness to the importance of literacy in disadvantaged neighborhoods and communities around the world. To encourage kids to dream and imagine the endless possibilities through simple words and great pictures that emotionally connect to them. Also to demystify the myth that Black fathers do not only invest in their children, but also are not in their lives.

Are you working on anything new?

I have a few projects I'm working on in other industries, but the Manhattan version is next in line.

Where can we keep up with you?

3. Twitter @DDPub
4. Instagram @ddpub


Ephraim and his daughter just released their first book, called Dreaming About The Many What To Do's While In Brooklyn. This adorable book showcases a group of kids who fall asleep and dream about all the wonderful things they can do around Brooklyn!

Ummm, hello homeschoolers and teachers! What a great book for not just locals of Brooklyn-but those of us (like, um, me!) who have never been! My small town kiddos love learning about "far away" places, and to read a book from the eyes of child just makes the experience that much more exciting!

Like Ephraim said, this is just the first book in this range! This is definitely a series to keep an eye out for. I can guarantee that these are the kinds of books you're gonna want in your collection. And bonus-make sure you tell your littles that a daddy and his daughter did this together. That's sure to inspire any child to dream big.

I appreciate Ephraim and his daughter SO MUCH for making me aware of their business. I am so stoked to see what's in store for them (BIG things, I'm sure!).

And please, make this a memorable day for Mr. Benton by showing him tons of love on his social media!! Check out one or all of his links and wish him a Happy Father's Day! By the smile on his daugther's face-he deserves this day!

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review*
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