My Most Favorite Inspiring Homemaking Reads

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"Mommy! Ollie Bear pooped on the floor!"

"Mommy! London's playing in your makeup!"

"Mommy! I ate all my food!" (But really hid it under the table)


This is just a tiny glimpse into my day. I usually wake up later than kid #2 (who wakes up the moment he sees any sign of light outside), when kid #4 has decided that he no longer what's the Dairy Queen is offering. I feel frazzled and already behind in my day. The moment my feet hit the floor my actions are determined by the 4 tiny bosses that have taken over my house. There are days where I have no idea why or how we've survived. There are days when I wanna hide in the closet with a bottle of Stella and some cookie butter ice cream. There are days where I cry out to the Lord and ask Him, "Why on earth did you even think I could do this?"

But then, with a love only a father could express-He shows me how beautiful this life is and that I'm not screwing it all up. May that be a super tight hug from my daughter, a limp half-dead flower from son #1, or even going an entire day without having to pick up poop off the floor. There are also the moments where actually adults come and offer encouragement.

Sometimes, more often than not, it comes from books. Here is my list of my top 5 books to encourage homemakers:

1. Better Together: Because Your're Not Meant to Mom Alone by Jill Savage and her daughter, Anne McClane. I was blessed to be on the launch team for this book. I read it and felt this HUGE weight come off. One of the things that Jill spoke about was looking for the "everything friend". The one that you do everything with. I've longed for that kind of friendship for a very.long.time. As a homemaker and homeschooler-it DOES get lonely. But Jill opened my eyes to other kinds of friends. The one you go shopping with but might not have her babysit. The one whom you can trade babysitting with but isn't the one you call on as a prayer partner. It's okay for a woman NOT to fulfill every roll as a friend, which in turn means we don't have to be everything to everyone either. This isn't the only nugget of wisdom here. Jill has a plethora of wisdom to pass on to us young bucks. Her organization, Hearts at Home, do some great stuff that you should look into as well.

2. Created to Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl. This is a highly controversial book-but I don't care. A friend sent this to me when I was on the brink of divorce and homegirl put me in my place. This book is NOT for the sensitive. It's hard. It's raw. But it opened up my eyes to what the Word REALLY says about my roles as mama and wife. It's encouraging-but it's slightly painful...but then again, that is what growing pains are, right?

 3.Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph. This book is very similar to CTBHHM, but with a little softer tone. Courtney has been a huge influence in my life since her time on the Rachel Ray show-and this book is one of my absolute favorite of all time. She uses her own testimony as illustration for the teachings in the Bible. If you haven't checked her website, Women Living Well-you must! She does amazing Bible studies that anyone can get involved with!

4.Having a Martha Home the Mary Way by Sarah Mae. Another book I was super stoked to promote for the launch! I read Sarah Mae's old version of this book years ago. Well, she revamped it and it's just amazing. It's set up in daily challenges. Not only do you get a "Martha" challenge (some sort of cleaning or organizing) but a "Mary" one too (something spiritual). Real practical and really encouraging. I plan on going through this again and actually doing this steps (I just read it through for the launch). Anyone wanna do a book club with me? Let me know in the comments! 

5.If you don't know who The Unveiled Wife is, then where have you been? Jennifer Smith is a HUGE inspiration to me. This book had me weeping, y'all. This book is her testimony-and it's a whopper. She's so transparent it'll blow your mind. She talks about things and struggles that I've NEVER heard any Christian wife talk about. I read it within two day, mouth agape the entire time. This is the book you wanna read so you'll never feel like the struggles you face are ones no one else does. She showed me that forgiveness and healing does come. It never fails, when the day is rough, Jennifer always posts something, the exact something, I need to read. 

These 5 books have made the biggest impression on me, besides the Bible itself. These women have not only passed on their wisdom and experiences, but their enthusiasm for where the Lord has called them when it comes to being wife and/or homemaker. Their words get me pumped and excited. The writings paired with scripture are perfect reminders that I am exactly where He wants me to be and it's a glorious thing!

Have you read any books that I have encouraged or inspired you in your roll as wife or mama? Let me know below! Also let me know if you've read any of these books and what you thought! 

*I received some of these books in exchange for my honest review. Others I purchased with my own money. Please check my Disclosure page for more details.*

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