Pursuing Balance and The Fringe Hours

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This is a post from my old blog. I wrote it on Dec. 28, 2014! I wanted to share this with you all since I still love the book and I think this post is still rather relevant!

One of the exciting things that has happened recently, is I was accepted to be apart of Jessica Turner's launch team for her upcoming book, The Fringe Hours. If you don't know who Jessica Turner is-you're missing out! She's the mama extraordinaire that runs The Mom Creative. She has all kinds of goodness going on over there dealing with family, motherhood, frugal living, faith, etc. She has a full plate, yet makes it look so effortless.

With juggling it all, she's also preggo with her third baby and due VERY soon! This is where the launch team for her book comes in! We get to share this wonderful gift with all of you, so she and the family get a little down time before the launch in February. I am super excited to be apart of this and I'm even more stoked to get a chance to crack open this book earlier than most!

The Fringe Hours is about "Making time for You". Not in a selfish way, but really in a selfless way. We mamas forget sometimes that we are no good to anyone else, if we don't take care of ourselves. I just finished chapter one last night and thought I give a little update on what I think.

The chapter is called, "Pursing Balance". I could seriously use some balance in my life, couldn't you? Through the literal meaning of "balance", Jessica comes up with a formula:

a satisfying arrangement of elements + emotional stability= balance

I know what you're thinking, "Yeah right! That'll never happen in our home!" I think the same thing most days as well. But Jessica really gives real life examples how moments of true balance can happen. When we stand back and look at what we really have on our plates- we can evaluate what's TRULY important, opposed to good things that may not be good for us at that moment. I adore her list on,

How to Cultivate Balance Within Yourself:

1. Extend grace to others and yourself.

2. Take care of your health.

3.Give and receive love.

4. Pray (all day every day!)

5.Express gratitude.

6. Make time for yourself.

These seem so simple, yet I know I neglect to do many on a daily basis. How about you? I plan on printing this list out on pretty paper and placing it somewhere so I can be reminded on how to really achieve a sense of balance in my home. As much as I like to fight it, I know that mama is the one who creates the atmosphere in our home. If my mind and heart are full of chaos-what does my family experience? How am I to bless the ones I love if I allow myself to be stretched to the limit? I want my kiddos to remember more peace-filled days in our home than stressed out ones. Oh I know they'll be days where I lose it and drown my sorrows in a jar of Cookie Butter, but that does not have to be my way of life. This book could not have come at a better time for me. With only three months left in this pregnancy and so much coming up against my family lately-my anxiety gets the best of me more days than I'd like to admit. Then Jessica reminds us that Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."

I can't wait to read what the rest of this book has to offer. It's already given me so much to think about! If you're interested in getting a copy of Jessica's book, the official launch date is February 17th, 2015! I plan on sharing my Fringe Hours journey as much as possible up until then.

What are some way YOU make time for yourself? What are some ways you attempt to balance it all? How do you cope with the days you fail?

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