Take a Peek into Our Homeschool Morning Basket!

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If you guys were able to check our my Facebook Live post today, you would have seen my daughter, Melody, and I showing you what was in our morning basket! You can still see that video HERE. I tried to find as many of the links to our items as possible.

You can find the links to print the scripture cards at Totally Tots.

You can find all of the other grades HERE.

Instagram: @kimbryantpalmer

I hope you all will tune into our little homeschool themed events each day. Tomorrow she is wanting to talk about her Latin program, or possibly what our current homeschool shelves look like. 

What would you like us to talk about? Any homeschool related topics?

What is a good air time for you to be able to join us live?

Let me know in the comments below!

Teach your kids about God and His Word while studying 20+ key characters in the Bible!


  1. We LOVE doing our Latin program. Admittedly it was more fun when the kids were smaller and it was a little easier. But the hard work really does pay off.

  2. It looks like you have some great ideas here! I love to see kids so excited about learning. Thank you for sharing at Family Joy Blog Link-up Party this week.


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