The Life We Never Expected: Hopeful Reflections on the Challenges of Parenting Children with Special Needs

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"This is a book about surviving, and thriving, spiritually when something goes horribly wrong."

There's a sense of community when parents get together and trade advice and inspiring stories about raising their children. We laugh together, cry together, and grow together because it's so wonderful to find someone who "gets it".

This life is not what I bargained for. It is more. More work, more struggles, more stress, more doubts, and more tears. HOWEVER it is also more love, more life, more smiles, more prayers, more faith, more hope and more GOD. My daughter walks because of Him, talks because of Him, feeds herself because of Him. She is my gift from HIM!!! Thank God for the hard times because they make the good times amazing! My lesson was that ALL times are PRAISE WORTHY!! -Amy G. (Special Needs Parent)

But what if your parenting situation isn't the norm? What if your daily challenges aren't just how to keep little Johnny in his room all night? Or how to wean little Suzy off of the paci? What if your obstacles were much more?

How about being on the other side? It's logical to think that you know at least one person who has a special needs child. With things like autism on the rise, it's not uncommon to run into a family who has a little one who needs are quite different. 

Life is not as I expected, but the unexpected is part of what makes life with a special needs child so beautiful. I get to experience so much in this life as her parent that I never would have otherwise.-Audrey W. (Special Needs Parent)

Do you know what they're going through? Do you feel lost on how to help or encourage? I know I've felt the same way.
Their uniqueness shows God's work daily. God lifts us up to the challenge but more than blessed me by children who are not missing something but are awesome pieces of God works of art. -Marla B. (Special Needs Parent)

In Andrew & Rachael Wilson's book, The Life We Never Expected, they bare all about raising their two children with regressive autism. They share triumphs and strengths. 

Nothing is off limits.

They completely inspired me through their candidness and transparency. I'm sure this wasn't easy to write-but man, was it necessary. It gives a heartbreaking yet beautiful glimpse into a life we rarely get to see unless we too are caring for one of these darling ones.

Life with Lindsey is like a rainbow after a storm. We have many trials that we have to go through, some harder than others. But after we get through it and I see the smile that could light up a room or hear her laughter I see a promise and hope that fills my heart. Cannot imagine life without her. -Pam M. (Special Needs Parent)

From the first chapter, I felt like weeping. As a mama of 4, I tend to complain more than I should and I felt down right selfish. Then, it seemed that Rachel has many of the same challenges that we all face as mamas. It was a quick reminder that in this journey of raising little people that the Lord has blessed us with-we all struggle and we ALL need prayer, love, and encouragement. It also reminds us where our hope should be.

I recommend this for any families of special needs kids, or anyone who just wants to know how to serve these families better. 

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