10 More Indie Children's Books You Must Check Out

It easy to jump on the bandwagon of what books are popular-and sometimes they're winners-but what about those that aren't in the mainstream spotlight? Think of all the wonders you might be missing out on! Am I the only one who thinks like this?
Today, I'm gonna help out my bookworms, homeschool families, teachers, and every one of you reading this today. Here are 10 children's books from indie authors that you need to check out! They're worth it.

1. Giant the Lion: The Lion Who Could Swim by Artemisa Guierrez Laurence. My kids LOVED this! Artemisa took her experience teaching children how to swim and put it in book form. (I know all my Charlotte Mason homeschoolers are gonna love this living book!) She incorporates teamwork, self-confidence, and the act of learning to swim in this adorable tale. And just know-this book has heft to it. It's not just one sentence on a page. Giant's story is really flushed out, which really surprised me for a picture book! This would be perfect to gift a child when they start swimming lessons!

2. Dancing with Tex: The Remarkable Friendship to Save the Whooping Cranes by Lynn Sanders. Here's another living book for y'all! You could easily turn this book into a unit study, since Lynn gracsiously added a Q&A section, complete with photos of different cranes, vocab, discussion questions, and a few essay questions! This beautifully illustrated book in based on the true story of George Archibald and Tex, a Whopping Crane. It has a tear-jerking ending. This mama loved it!
3. The Adventures of Katie and George: Katie and the Dodos! by J.E.Steeves! Ever come across the synopsis of a book and think, "that's so strange". That's what I thought of this book-but it is so darn cute! First off, the illustrations are excellent. They have a manga meets American comics, feel to them. This is a small chapter book geared for ages 6-9. The layout of Katie and the Dodos! is perfect for a new reader. Great spacing with bold print. The story line is one I'm sure your kids will crack up at. Katie's birthday is in a few days, and suddenly hears a noise from her room. When she enters its filled with Dodo birds! Can you guess the chaos that comes about?
4. I'm Terrific by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. Now, this might not be an actual "indie" book, but I had never heard of it before-and I've never seen it since. Marjorie has a pretty good list of work that she's done, but this one may actually be out-of-print. So let this one be your unicorn. I picked it up from a thrift store and now my family adores this story! It's the best story to talk with your kids about how valuable they are-exactly the way they are. I get teary each time I read it. 

5. Ivy in Bloom: The Poetry of Spring by Vanita Oelschelager. You guys! This was made for the quintessential bookworm. It tells the story of Ivy, as she waits for Spring. She goes through each one of the seasons, yearning for the time when her longing comes to an end. Best part? The book is made up of lines from different poets and writers and Vanita makes sure you know who is who! This would be an AMAZING book for a poetry study! Oh, and the illustrations are just as amazing. I have it in ebook form, but I do wish for a hardcopy.
6. EVERYTHING from Russell Hughes and KayeC Jones. Nope, that's not a name of their book-I literally mean you need to check out ALL of their work! They are a husband and wife team and I can't get enough of them! Their book, The Day the Aunts Disappeared is uncontrollably cute and The Wandering Troll makes me want to print the pages out and frame them. I love their art, love their writing, and they just rock! They also have a few other titles including, Mason the Mutt which made me tear up right away! Each one of their books is designed completely different-which makes each one pretty special. If I had to choose one to tell you try first, it would definitely be The Wandering Troll. I just want to take him home!
7. Oki and Harlo: Fairytale Friends by Cas Mesterom. This sweet adventure of two completely opposite friends feels like an old classic. A goat and a star? Sounds like two characters that would never work, but Cas has made them into a memorable duo. It's a story that will truly warm your heart and engage your littles!
 Oki and Harlo is the first ever draw freely e-book. The story invites the readers to make their own illustrations. There are free-draw pages that have clear instructions on what to draw.  Readers can publish their drawings to share with the world by sending them [via direct message] to the -OkiandHarlo- official Instagram & Twitter account! I love the interactive element to this-and again, would make a great art appreciation piece since the child gets to design his own illustrations for what he "sees" going on in the story.

8. Pono Finds His Flippers by Pattie McCan Tracy. Almost along the same lines as Giant the Lion, Pono Finds His Flippers would be a great read for a child learning to swim. This story however, centers around a little boy name Pono and his adorable monk seal named Lani. There are so many elements that you could use within this book, for homeschooling. My kids are really interested in Hawaii-so they love this. I lived in Hawaii as a kid and it makes me miss it! The illustrations have a hand-drawn look which my tinys are really into. It makes them want to try and draw the characters and that's so much fun! 

9. Under the Sea: A Seashell Meditation for Children Coloring and Activity Book by Patricia May and Kristina M Mangan. My daughter has begged for this book from the moment we got it in. It's not like any of the "adult" coloring books out there. This one is geared towards kids, but also has pages with questions for them to think through and draw out. It teaches about the ocean and (again), would make a great unit study. The lines are chunky and bold, so even a younger child would enjoy this. I seriously wanted to keep this book for myself, but I know that I'll benefit from the quiet time it creates!

10. Child Soldier: When Boys and Girls are Used in War by Michel Chikwanine. I was worried that this book would be to much for my kids-I was wrong. It opened up a world of deep conversations and has become a family treasure. This is the real story of Michel, and how he was forced to become a child soldier in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It's a griping tail with a happy ending. Although, you can say the story isn't quite finished yet. You see, Michel is going all over telling his story. It's a story that we all need to hear. 

These are just a small taste of some of the books my kids and I are enjoying right now! I am also going to be giving away a few of these next week! Check out and follow my Instagram for that update!

What are some of your favorite underdog children's books?

*Some of these books I purchased myself, and some were sent to me for a review*
*This post contains affiliate links*

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