My Favorite Artsy Books You Need in Your Collection

 Do you have books that you just love to look at? They've got pretty covers, photos, or even text that just makes you swoon? Well, I've got three that you absolutely need to check out. These are my favorite books to look through just because of how gorgeous they really are!

 First up is Letters to My Daughters by Barbra Rainey. This will be an heirloom piece for my daughter. It's amazing! Letters to My Daughters is a books on "The Art of Being a Wife". It is written directly to her daughters, like a bundle of letters or a journal. Most chapters begin with a letter written to mama from one of her daughters about a topic she wants advice on. She touches on things like, 

"What if your husband doesn't want to be a leader?"
"...what do you do when you can't help but think you want out?"
"...what's with God sending us all these challenges when we're trying to live for Him?

 These bullet-points are just the tip of the iceberg. This treasure of a book, really is gift for those of us still babies in the journey of marriage!

 Now, what makes it so beautiful? Not just the content-but look at the cover and the pages! A gorgeous hardback with a ribbon bookmark, this book is filled without stunning hand-lettering that makes it just that much more special. The hints of watercolor were a perfect addition. I have no doubt that this would be a perfect gift for a new bride!

Now for my foodie friends! Good + Simple by the Hemsley sisters. This looks like a book you would find in Urban Outfitters, am I right? This cookbook oozes hipster-chic. Clean lines and bold colors. The photos aren't overly fashioned, yet look like enticing and quite delicious. The font is simple enough and continues those clean lines like you see on the title. I love the half-page dust jacket, because, well-beautiful naked books are really hard to find!

Some of the wonderful recipes include:

Creamy Carrot Bake
Raw Beetroot Carpaccio with Goats Cheese and Herbs
Herby Tahini Dressing
Cannellini Vanilla Sponge Cake with Chocolate Avo Frosting
Celeriac and Blue Cheese Gratin

These are recipes I haven't seen anywhere else. They're unique, so that adds to what makes this book so wonderful! I keep it front faced on my bookshelves.

Okay, I'll be honest. This one is my favorite out of the bunch! Heart of the Home by Susan Branch is a serious work of art. Susan did all of the water coloring and the lettering is this ENTIRE book! Every single thing in this book was done by hand. The recipes, the pictures, the index, and even the page numbers! My writing doesn't do this cookbook justice. I don't care if you're not a cook-if you are a book lover or just a lover of art and beautiful things-you need this. NEED it.

When asked to review this, I was excited because it was my first cookbook. Well, I had no idea what I was in for until it arrived. I sat for ages thumbing through each page. Even my mother (who could care less about a cookbook) also sat in awe over the art that filled the pages of this book.  My husband was even in shock! He couldn't believe that this was hand-done and not some fancy font. This will be another piece I pass down to my daughter. It too would be a perfect gift for a new bride or even a house warming present.

What makes this book even more special is the practical uses of it. It's filled with great information such as measurement equivalents, How to Serve 100 People, Emergency Substitutes, Pieart, and little stories & poems. A treasure y'all, this is just a gorgeous treasure. Here are a few of the recipes included:

Asian Quinoa Salad
Beer-Butt Chicken
Piggyback Cookies
Basil Limeade
Hearty Dinner Stew with Buttered Noodles

This is like having one of those wonderful, old church cookbooks-but taken up a few notches. There are old classic recipes, and brand new fresh ones. This has such a variety, it could be the only cookbook you own-and I swear you wouldn't get bored.

I want every book Susan Branch puts out! Heart of Home will not be my only book from her! Her work is top notch! If you wanna see more of her stuff, check her out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagrtam, and even YouTube!

What are some of your favorite "artsy" books? 

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*I received these books in exchange for my honest review*

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  1. I love Susan Branch's books. I have almost all and will have her full collection one of these days. I love her blog, too. It's a treasure trove of good stuff.
    I enjoyed your post!


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