My Word for 2017 and My BIG Goals

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I always love seeing what people are planning for the new year. It means they have hope. Maybe it'll be the same goals from last year (some of mine are), but still. I commend anyone who tries to make a plan at the beginning of the year.

I've put a lot of thought into my goals, and especially my word for 2017. My word for 2015 was "fearless". Because of everything we were going through, I needed to be able to be fearless. I think it's the best description for that year which carried on into 2016 where my word was "joy". From foreclosure to the election-I didn't feel as much anxiety as normal and I didn't have nearly as many breakdowns from the stress. I felt that I've learned what having joy actually means.

Now, that's about all I accomplished for 2016. My entire being went into the situation with our house. It was all consuming. Now, that chapter is closed and I can move on and move on I have! My word for 2017 is "DREAM". Yup. That's it. I turned 30 this year and was broken by how I didn't accomplish any person dreams up to that point. I'm a wife and mama, which are certainly the best things ever but I had completely stopped dreaming of anything outside of all. I think I felt it was selfish to want "big" things. I've been taught that those are against the Lord. But, why after all the years is that desire STILL there? What's the difference between me and the Christian that succeeded? Does God not want me to succeed? Or is it because that other person busted their rear end?

Well, I've decided to chase some big dreams. Well, I should actually say "we", because many of these include my husband!

Here is my/our list:

1. Get 100% out of debt. Now, this is a BIG one but I'm praying that the Lord will open some other doors to make this happen. THIS in itself will be a HUGE miracle.

2. Finish my manuscript. I'm still working hard on this one! I love seeing it come together!

3. Get an offer on said manuscript. I'm hoping to be done with editing and have the ability to start pitching in Spring or early Summer. Again, another HUGE goal.

4. Get my health in order. The past two years of stress and anxiety have revealed some pretty bad health issues. I'm hoping to get these under control. This includes getting off of sugar.

5. Lose 60lbs. This has been my goal for may years, but always gets put on the backburner because of life issues. The past two years haven't been too kind and in return, I haven't really loved myself enough to invest in myself. That's changing.

6. Be kinder to my kids. I tend to be very disciplinary minded, and I HATE that about myself. I want to work on my compassion and patience with them.

7. Grow my online business and make enough income to cover rent each month. Another tall order. I want so bad to contribute to our income, and I've tried so many times to achieve that and failed. Well, I'm not giving up.

8. Work on a business plan for a bookstore. Did I just type that? Oh yes, readers. Hubby and I had a plan a few years back (just playing around) for a bookstore that serves local craft beer. We had a name and everything. I just put a pin in that, until the past few months. It's been brewing, and we are praying it becomes a reality. Our BIG plan is to have the bookstore and Geoffrey would stay home and build furniture and sell them. Crazy, right? Absolutely insane! But, why not?

9. Have a more structured Bible study time. With having a tiny in the bed with me, it's been hard to get up early without him freaking out. Now that he's pretty content in the bed, it's time to start my mornings with the Lord and way before 9 am. (<---Yeah, I gotta quit going to bed at 1 am.)

10. Have more girl time. This goes two ways. I wanna spend more one-on-one with my #1 girl (our daughter) but also with new girlfriends I've been making. I've been alone for so long that I've become very reclusive. Social activities take a lot out of me, and I'm awful about taking initiative and asking people to come and do something with me. I wanna change that.

13. Read 100 books. I had a goal of 50 this year and I got to 75 (not including the million Wattpad books I've read! lol). I can't be a better writer if I'm not reading more! Want me to post my TBR list?? Let me know in the comments below!!

12. Better daily routine. Last but not least, I want my days to have slightly more structure to them. Between writing, homeschooling, and homemaking-things get all jumbled together. I wanna figure out a routine (not necessarily a schedule) that will be effortless to stick to. (This is asking a LOT with 4 kiddos)

That's my list! What are some of your goals for 2017?? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love reading about the plans for next year too! It's exciting to think about all the possibilities. I'd love to see your book list, too. I'm trying to decide if I should make an actual list, or if that would make me feel guilty? But I might do it anyway!

  2. I enjoyed reading your goals for the new year and was inspired to do the same thing. There are things I want to accomplish that are certainly attainable but I never write them down to remember to work on them daily!

  3. I would definitely love to see your TBR pile! Good luck with your goals this year!


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