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It's no secret that I'm obsessed with all bookish things. It's kind of my thang. I get books. Read them. Review them. Hence the title "book blogger". This all came pretty organically because I honestly didn't know there was such a thing. I get asked all of the time how I became a book reviewer and where the heck do I get all of my books I read for review?

Well, I'm going to let you in on my secrets!

My very first experience with book reviews as an adult came when I signed up for a launch team. These are AWESOME ways to get first looks at brand new books without actually having to be a blogger. As long as you're active on a social media platform-you can usually apply. I started out with Jessica Turner's, The Fringe Hours. I was so stoked to get an ARC in the mail! An ARC is "Advance Review Copy". These are typically unedited proofs, so you're not getting the finished product but they're still equally as awesome. You CAN NOT sell these after you're done. If you don't want it, trade with someone or donate it.

While on a launch team, your job is to bring awareness to the book and author before the book is available to the public. You usually join a Facebook group and a VA will guide you through what to do. You will also be expected to review the book on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble or even Goodreads.

How do you find these launch teams? A quick Google search or even searching via Twitter & Facebook can help connect you with authors needing some marketing help! I've been blessed to assist in multiple launch teams including Jill Savage's Better Together, Tim Tebow's Shaken, Dawn Camp's The Gift of Friendship, Max Lucado's Pocket Prayers series, and quite a few more! I don't do these as much now, but this is essentially what got me in the game in the first place.

Now, if you're looking to actually blog about books I have a few ways to get you started without breaking the bank. Publishers send me books now, but that wasn't the case. It takes time to build that kind of momentum. Thrift stores are always great places to look, but here are some more ideas to get books so you can start reviewing:

1. Goodreads Giveaways. There are HUNDREDS of books given away on Goodreads (if you're not already signed up, you should be!) and all you have to do to enter is a few clicks. I've won a few books this way and usually from indie authors which is so awesome!

2. Amazon. I check the Kindle Daily Deals as well as the Audible Daily Deal every.single.day and I have gotten some AMAZING books this way. Most of the Kindle deals are around 1.99 while the Audible ones will be less than five bucks. Amazon also has monthly deals that are around 3 dollars or less.

3. Amazon Prime. Now, I can not urge you enough to get Prime. Seriously it's been worth EVERY dime! I'll do a full post on Amazon Prime at a later time, but it's essential for bookish folks! Not only do you get free day shipping, but with Prime, you get to participate in Kindle First. Every month you get to pick a FREE Kindle book of an up & coming author. Such a great way to try out someone you may have never picked up before! These books are also usually available in advance to their actual release date. Also with Prime, you can get some really great reads with Prime Reading. This is an extensive library via Amazon, where you can rent books to read for FREE as long as you're a Prime member! You can take it a step further, and sign-up for Kindle Unlimited, which gives you, even more, access to books to rent! Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

4. BookBub. This is a FREE service that will send you emails each day to let you know what ebooks are on deep discount. You choose the categories, and BookBub will send you cheap deals right to your inbox!

5. Book Outlet. Oh how I LOVE thee! This is a website where you can get physical copies for DIRT cheap! I'm obsessed! Just check it out and tell me how you resisted.

6. Thrift Books. THIS site is even more amazing! Thrift Books even carries textbooks! They also reward you for referring friends! You give out a 15% coupon and they'll give you one too! (Get your coupon HERE!) The prices are already super cheap, so that 15% helps even more! You can earn a $5 coupon when you spend $50! You also get free shipping when you spend $10 or more! I mean, come on. Can you beat that??

Now, You've got your blog and you're writing reviews, what are some other places you can request books? Here's a few:

You can also pitch to publisher's themselves. I don't do this often, but I would suggest searching for articles on how to do this properly. 

So there you have it! These are some of my tips and tricks on how to get books for review! I LOVE doing this so much! It's a great opportunity to work with awesome authors and read amazing books.

Do you have any other questions about writing reviews? 

What are some books you would like to see me review here on the blog?


  1. I LOVE BookBub!! Reading is one of my resolutions this year and this list helps tremendously :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this list! I am building a Children's library and have a StoryTime for Children on my Youtube Channel. I have been lucking up with discounted books from the local library. Love discounts!

  3. I have been doing book reviews with book tour companies for a few years now. I love the variety I get to read! Definitely keeps me active in the reading department!

  4. Thank you for sharing this list, I love to go somewhere quiet and read a great book!

  5. This list might be of interest to you :) http://katetilton.com/free-books/


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