Mama Bear Reads: Eden The Animal's Parable

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Sometimes, looking at an event through the eyes of someone else gives a new perspective on the story as a whole. You can get an entirely different outlook than previously, and your storyteller may have something to offer that you hadn't experienced before. Return to the story of Jesus and read it from a new perspective in Keith Korman's Eden: The Animals' Parable. In this beautifully inspired retelling of the Gospels, we see Jesus and his disciples in the Holy Land through the eyes of the animals especially his intrepid and loyal dog, Eden. Simple, clear, and spiritually profound, Eden is for readers of all ages, this artful retelling is captivating, moving, and alive with the joy you felt the first time you opened the Bible.

This is a beautifully written story for the entire family! What a great way to bring up deeper conversations with your children, while giving them something to relate it to. What child doesn't want to hear a story told by a bunch of animals? There are even a few illustrations scattered throughout. For me, it felt like experiencing the Gospels for the first time again. It made me emotional and gripped my heart. It also reminded me of one of our family's favorite movies, At Jesus' Side, which is an animated movie told from the viewpoint of a dog and his friends.

Eden also reminds me of a beautiful folktale. It helps to explain things a little easier and it just overall paints a beautiful picture of our Lord and His time on the earth. There is so much symbolism in this novel, it's an English major's dream!!!

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Definitely give this book a whirl. From the cover to the words written within, it's just a beautiful work of art!


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