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Mama Bear Outpost is a blog that focuses predominantly on Christian, health & wellness, homemaking, homeschooling (and curriculum!), and children's, YA, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy book genres. I am also willing to accept other genres outside of these dependent upon my level of interest in the specific book in question. (I do NOT accept ANY erotica)

I am also interested in any product from the above categories. Again, I am willing to accept other items depending on my level of interest and it's fit with my readers.


I will always try my best to provide an honest and balanced review of whatever item I am testing. Writing a negative review is never fun but I will, if I feel it is necessary and the work in question warrants it. In that case, I will still try to do so in a respectful and professional manner as well as attempt to disclose anything I find redeemable. A good review cannot and will not be bought. My readers ALWAYS come first.


All reviews will be posted on Mama Bear Outpost, as well as cross-posted on Goodreads and They will also be promoted on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, my personal FB and my blog's FB fan page.


I’m willing to review books in either a print or eBook format, although I prefer print. I am also willing to do a giveaway of your book if that interests you.


 If you are interested in a sponsored post, paid giveaway and/or brand collaboration and feel your product or services would fit with what you see on this blog, please contact me directly at

If you would like your review done by a certain date, please specify in your inquiry. Although I will do my best to accommodate, this may not always be possible, but I will truly do my best.

Receipt of a book or product does not guarantee a review, particularly if it is an unsolicited manuscript that I did not actively request.

Mama and the Bears is also open to author interviews and guest posts. This too will be accepted on a case by case basis.

In compliance with FTC regulations, I am not compensated for the book reviews I provide. If I receive an ARC (‘Advanced Reader Copy’) for review from a publisher or author, I will disclose this in the review provided. The source and format of every book I review will be included in said review. Mama Bear Outpost is a participant in the Amazon Affiliates program. Any proceeds earned through participation in these programs are used in the maintenance of Mama Bear Outpost and help to subsidize costs such as hosting, etc.

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